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Santa Cruz Outdoor School is owned and operated by the Santa Cruz County Office of Education and is offered as a four or five-day program to fifth and sixth-grade students. Your child’s school has chosen to participate in this unique educational experience. During field class, students study the forest, meadows, and streams with a qualified naturalist. Through the use of games and other activities, instructors teach concepts about the natural sciences. Children see the interrelationships between plants and animals and learn about the affect they as people have on the environment. Outdoor Science School class hiking Classroom teachers accompany their classes and provide constant support throughout the week. A week at outdoor school provides a unique learning opportunity. Living 24 hours a day with other students requires your child to cooperate and work together with others toward common goals. Friendships that are made during this week, particularly from different schools may last a lifetime. This may be your child’s first time away from home for this length of time. Cheerful letters from home are always appreciated by the students. Please mail your letters early in order to insure their arrival by Wednesday or Thursday. While your child is at Outdoor School they will be well fed. The cooks are experienced in the preparation and serving of balanced meals and see to it that your child eats well. Children serve themselves to the family style meals and are encouraged to eat as much as they’d like. This is a sample menu to give you an idea of the food that is served at the Outdoor Science School. The exact meals listed may or may not be served during your child’s participation in our program. All checks written to finance your child’s trip should be made payable to the school that they attend. Please provide your child with an environmentally packaged lunch to be eaten during the first day of Outdoor School. No snacks should be sent with your child unless there is a medical reason for doing so. Please do not send cash with your child. Please review the following materials, as they contain all relevant information and forms needed for your child to participate in Outdoor Science School.

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    • SAMPLE STUDENT SCHEDULE Note: The afternoons of Days 2 and 3 change regularly and may be different for your student.
    • Covid-19 and Illness Protocol ENGLISH SPANISH